Baby Burp Cloths Water Absorption and Soft

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  • ★Ease Of Use:Comfortable, it cannot be so slippery that it would not stay on your shoulder, or so thick that it makes your sweat or feel itchy.

  • ★Long Size:19"*9"(L*W), The burp cloths length is enough that will fully cover your shoulder and keep your clothes protected.

  • ★Material:Made of soft organic cotton, do not harm or hurt the tender skin of your child when his face comes in contact with the cloth.

  • ★Absorbent:The cloth is absorbent, absorb the spit up, not repel it. All the spit sinks into it without rolling down your shoulders.

  • ★Washable and Durable:The burp cloth texture is fine, the spit does not get stuck in between them, easy to clean.   Included:Baby Burp Cloths*4

  • Baby Burp Cloths Water Absorption and Soft